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January 10, 2006 | TAGS:

The Weekend.

I wrote about this weekend in an email first, and then slightly edited it for public consumption.

Friday Chris and Jess came down. We were headed for Hoss' before picking up Robin, but the line was long so we went to Ed’s instead (Friday night fish fry). Usually, when a place has a fish fry, it’s all pretty much made up and ready to go. Chris and I ordered the fish fry, Jess ordered steak. It took about 30 minutes for the food to arrive – Jess’s steak was a bit cold, and our fish was warm (showing us what had just gotten cooked). The fish was horrible… slimy inside, falling apart… never again. The waitress was real nice though and recognized the three of us from the last time they came down.

Anyways, after that we picked up Robin and went to Comedy night.. John was, per custom, an hour late. He missed the first comedian entirely. The comedians were from Philly, and (although they didn’t reveal this until the very end of the show) a husband/wife team. The husband (Brian Shecky) revealed this at the end. He did this as part of a joke, but I am actually taking the joke out of this in order to maintain a certain PG-13 rating on this site.

We dropped Robin off after that (she had to work at 8am), went back to the shop and watched Kronk’s New Groove.. it was funny.. there was couple singing parts they probably could have done without. Some good lines. Kronk at one point had secretaries named Tina and Marge (always getting their names mixed up). As he was loosing everything (including the secretaries) he stood at the balcony and said “Do not cry for me Marge and Tina.” You might have to say it out loud to get it.

Next morning I had a few customers picking up/dropping off/paying bills (nice as always). We played Monopoly and I seriously won that. I started off purchasing a couple railroads and one of the utility companies. Then they started purchasing real properties. I purchased the other utility off of Chris for $300 and then his very next roll, he landed on it and ended up paying me back $120. Then, I proceeded to roll the dice, advancing to community chest, chance, free parking, my own properties the rest of the game, as they kept landing on my stuff. They built houses, I skipped right past them. Finally I started getting property and they would land on that. It was completely ridiculous… I owned like 6 spots and had about $3000, whereas they were just barely over a grand and owned everything else. Chris landed on that one utility company he sold me over 6 times, rolling high number every time.

At 5, I went and picked up Robin (her brother started working on replacing the brakes on her car the week before new years, and the whole thing is turning into the never-ending project.. an entirely different saga of ordering the wrong parts, shipment delays, improper tools, busting a line… it’s ridiculous) and some subs for everyone and returned to the shop. John had arrived with his new date Reanna and for some reason they had changed plans from playing Clue to watching a movie, so we watched Kiss the Girls (which was actually quite good). There’s a scene where one woman is in the hospital, systems shutting slowly shutting down and they don’t know what’s wrong. Morgan Freeman (playing a forensics psychologist) asks to borrow the Physician’s Desk Reference and figures out what she was infected with. It reminded me of in the Princess Bride where the prince sniffs a glass of wine and goes “Iocane powder.. I’d stake my life on it. It’s a colorless, orderless, tasteless drug.” Everyone got a kick out of that.

After the movie, we finally did play clue. That was definitely a blast, and with 6 of us, it took almost an hour. Then, it was off to Denny’s for snacks and fun. I took some pictures there, but my camera was doing its fuzzy thing again. Basically if you turn it on and the lens doesn’t come out on its own, they come out fuzzy. Turning it on and off seems fix it – for now. I might be in the market for a new camera sometime soon. After that, took Robin home and called it a night.

And to wrap up the weekend, went to church Sunday, gave two guys a ride back to Bedford, then met back up with Chris and Jess, and we kidnapped Adam. I snuck up to him and grabbed him as Chris peeled up in the Impala, and then I went to open the back door, it was locked, so Chris had to unlock the door, then I opened it and threw Adam in. We went to Denny’s for breakfast, Chris and Jess went home after that, and Adam is here checking email/chatting online.