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January 3, 2006 | TAGS:

I think I’ve become addicted. It started out with a busted lip a few months ago, which led to constant chapped lips. So I started using chapstick. I kept using it because my lower lip kept splitting back open whenever it chapped. So I moved up to “Carmex” which helped, but not enough. Then I stepped up even further a couple weeks ago to “White Petoleum Jelly”. I can’t stop using this stuff. My skin absorbs it like a white shirt absorbs a permanent marker. What’s worse is that I have to keep using it because I still have a small remnat of that split lip. It’s almost healed, and the healing process started once I stared using the wpj, but soon it will be healed, and I wonder if I will be able to stop then?!? Ai yai yai!