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December 29, 2005 | TAGS:

The saga of the season continues… So I went down to Kristin’s the last two days. Originally, I had an invite to go visit April, and the bulk of my time was going to spent visiting her, with a visit to Kristin in the midst of it. Kristin herself warned me that she was pretty busy, but wanted me to visit. Then, April dropped off the face of the planet, and I had to change my plans to visit Kristin and stay until plans were made with April. No big deal. On the drive down, I get message from April with a new number. I call it, we talk, we discuss visiting her. Then I have to hang up because I’m about to do some complicated Maryland merging manuevers and I wanted to devote my full attention to it. I do this, I call her back.. busy signal. Later, I try again… busy signal. Ok, I say, let her call me back when she is off the phone.

I get to Kristin’s, Emma is asleep and Kristin is cleaning up her room. I sit, she cleans, we talk… all is good. Emma wakes up, we play, we visit, Emma goes to sleep, we go to the movies, we come back, Kristin goes to sleep, I get on the phone. I get ahold of April – her phone was off the hook all day. We discuss meeting up the next day in the afternoon (say around 3pm). I am to call her to get directions and confirm a time. Ok, good.

Kristin is out pretty much the entire day the next day (I was warned about this), but her Dad takes me to the auto parts store in search of a piece for my muffler. I guess I should mention that the muffler on my car, the one I paid > 500 USD to replace last year (and didn’t drive for 10 months) broke on the drive down and I had to tie it up. Well, I was unsuccessful in fixing my muffler, but I think this part has a lifetime warranty (Advanced Auto sells it with a lifetime warranty for $100). Anwyays, I get some good tv watching time in, and attempt to call April, but no answer on either phone.

Kristin returns, we socialize for a bit, and I return home. During all this time, April did not make one attempt to call me. I’m kinda ticked at her about that. It wasn’t fair to me, and it wasn’t fair to Kristin/Kristin’s family either – playing hostess for two days to someone that originally was only planning to be there part of one. Ai yai yai!

Ok, currently I’m looking for plans for New Year’s Eve. I’m not planning to get drunk, and I’m not planning to do “gaming” (role-playing) like some of my friends are either. I need to be able to take Robin, who already cancelled one plan on the premise that I already had plans for both of us (which I did at the time – they fell through). There is a quote from Rugrats where Stu says “Because I’ve lost control of my life.” – I feel a bit like that after the last few days. Don’t get me wrong… a lot of good things have been happening, and only a few annoyances here and there, but some of those annoyances are affecting friends of mine (perhaps more than me, or maybe it’s all in my head), so… yeah. If I can’t find suitable plans by tomorrow, the goal is to create my own plans and host a movie night. The big issue is that I have no way to watch the ball drop, which seems to be integral to the entire new years group experience. I suppose we could do our own ball dropping ceremony though.