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December 15, 2005 | TAGS:

Oh, why am I one of the few that love winter, loves snow, performs best in cold weather? We’ve had our second snow storm of the season (yes, winter hasn’t officially started yet, I know – work with me here). I’ve had to shovel the parking lot three times so far. I’m not disliking that activity as much as previous years. In fact, it’s a great excercise – but I’m usually left standing outside in a t-shirt sweating profusely as the wind whips around me. People think I’m crazy, and they are right. Anyways, this year I traded my VW Fox for a Wizard snowblower. I had to put a new spark plug in it, and I didn’t quite understand how the choke worked on it. On lawn mowers, the choke is part of the throttle, and regulates the engine speed. I have to fully open the choke on this to get it going (some of the time), and then I must gradually lower it and close it. Until I got the hang of this, it kept shutting off on me every couple minutes – very annoying. Anyway, the thing will blow snow, but will not blow the packed ice at the bottom of the parking lot, which I must pick up and move with the shovel to one of my piles, which could be as far as 20' away. Even with this, I still am enjoying the winter season once again. It’s so nice to walk outside and feel the crisp air moving across your face – everything seems very fresh and very exciting. I do miss my Jeep though.

My last post reminded me of a Bible verse, so I went ahead and looked it up. Matt 23:24 “You blind guides, who strain out a gnat, but swallow a camel!”.