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November 17, 2005 | TAGS:

Turn to the left, turn to the right… potential problems fly by, I slip through in a frenzy of activity, and then I pause and breath. Take a moment, rock back on my heels, smile my happy smile and sigh. Friends appear, encouragement is shared and shared alike. I do good, I say, and I mean it as well. Time slips past me again, a raging torrent threatening to tear me from my precarious perch. I say a prayer, dive in and find my way. Feeling a sense of accomplishment and purpose again, I step out and collect my thoughts. Things are going right, and while I don’t have nearly all of the pieces, the puzzle forms a picture. I feel like I’ve finally crawled out of a 2-year slump. Satisfied with where I am, the choices I’ve made, the friends that I’ve made, the ones that I’ve kept. No longer second guessing some of my decisions in the past, I know how I got where I am, and look foward to where things are going. God has really worked me over this year, and I can’t begin to describe how good He has been to me. Ask me though, and I’ll try. Phrases like “everyday miracles” now mean a lot more to me than they did six months ago. Cheers!