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March 14, 2004 | TAGS:

Ok, display name is going to be her name. Should I type that in now? Yes. And then hit next. silence Um… did you hit next? It’s asking for my email. Type your email into that box. Ok. after a pause …and hit next. My incoming mail server is a “P” “O” “P” “3”. It certainly is. Now, in both of the boxes below, type “mail.domain.dom” Ok. Hit next. I don’t have a next. The one box is still empty. Put “mail.domain.dom” into the outgoing box. Ok. Hit next. I did. Do you see where it says “account name”? Yes. Type your account name in there. Ok. Now, do you see where it says “password”? Yes. … Type your password in there and hit next. *the rest of the call was pretty much unremarkable"