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March 16, 2002 | TAGS:

Exciting times, boring times, these we can be assured, do exist. First off, I reinstalled my computer. I figured I would give W2k a try as I have not used W2K yet (although I have used NT workstations before). I went through a mad distro, from RH 7.2 to Debian, onto Turbo Linux (which is not that bad), and then a quick stint with Beos, and now I am running Slack on my laptop, and testing out windows 2k on my home puter. Unfortunately, when I installed W2k I never backed up my progress quest game, leaving me back to a level 0 player. I attempted to restart with my Squegie nickname, but alas, I have been told that such a name is unavailable. I hope I can get my character back, because he was such a “bad-arse”.